Tips and Tricks for Taking a Great Headshot for your Real Estate Business

Most real estate professionals cringe at the thought of getting a new headshot. A headshot is usually the first time a client sees what you look like, and your headshot could very well persuade a client whether he or she wants to work with you. As easy and enticing as it would be to use an old headshot from your 20s, it’s important to have an up-to-date headshot that appropriately reflects who you are today.

If you have a headshot that has low resolution, poor lighting, an unusual composition or that dates back three decades ago, chances are a client might not take you as a serious professional. Here are some tips to get you photo-ready for an impressionable headshot from Jackie Taves, Lifstyl Real Estate’s Creative Director and Photographer.

Before your studio time, prepare yourself to take the best headshot possible. Wear an outfit that makes you feel confident, but also comfortable. Your focus in a shoot should be on smiling, not your outfit malfunctioning. Also, call the studio ahead of time to discuss background colors so that you know what outfits will look nice. You don’t want to look like a floating head because your outfit perfectly matches the backdrop. Practice your perfect smile at home before the shoot. Spending a few minutes in the mirror at home perfecting a professional smile will save you time and frustration in the studio. If you need a touch-up from the hair salon, schedule your hair appointment a few days before your shoot.

Chances are you don’t have a personal stylist at home, so you will need time to get used to your new style to see what really works for you. Right before your studio time, take a few minutes to look over everything in the mirror, and even give yourself a pep talk or listen to a favorite song to eliminate any fears you may have going into the shoot.

During your studio time, BE CONFIDENT! I cannot stress enough how important this is. If you go into a shoot thinking everything will look awful, you will probably come out of the shoot thinking that as well. Embrace how you look, and don’t stress about wrinkles, an imperfect complexion or unruly hair. Most of these things can be edited in a photo-editing software, but these things also make you look real. A client wants to work with someone who’s real and someone they can relate to.

Also, trust your photographer to lead you. Hopefully, you’ve chosen a well-seasoned photographer, so give them some credit. Your photographer will know the correct compositions to highlight your best features. Being honest with your photographer about any insecurities you may have with yourself will give your photographer a better sense of how to capture a photo that you will love.

Take some time before the shutter releases to mentally prepare yourself. Reflect back on the time you practiced smiling in the mirror and try to recreate those looks. The most important tip I can share during a shoot is to have FUN. Showing your photographer that you are relaxed and having fun will create a better atmosphere for the both of you.

It will also leave you feeling more confident in your photos and in yourself. Following these tips will ensure a successful headshot experience and will leave you with a headshot that is sure to receive some compliments and clients.

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