New Themes for Styl Studio

New Themes for Styl Studio

Styl Studio is our auto-marketing program that allows agents to create sharp, modern, customized branding pieces. Agents can use the Styl Studio portal to download, print directly, or order a drop shipment of any one of our 50+ branded marketing templates. You can create everything from listing presentations, social media posts and ads, to custom agent signs. We are excited to announce three new themes available in Styl Studio for your marketing needs.



Our minimalistic theme creates a simplicity in your marketing materials. Each design focuses on spatial relationship, which creates a clean and light look. The Minimalist fonts are crisp, and straightforward. The efficiency of these pieces will allow your audience to easily translate the information in each piece.

Art Deco

Art Deco refers to the period of design that came into being between the two world wars. That time in history was characterized by previously unseen levels of technological innovation, as well as a strong commitment to self-expression. Our Art Deco theme depicts opulence, highlighting geometric shapes, sleek lines, a neutral color palette and a retro 1920s feel.


Shabby Chic

Our Shabby Chic theme strikes the perfect balance between feeling carefree and looking pulled together. This theme encompasses a more feminine feel with the use of florals, a soft muted color palette, and script fonts.


To select your theme, please let us know which style you would like by filling out this form here. We recommend you select one theme to create brand consistency for your audience. Once you make a selection, you will be able to find your new theme in the shared folder.

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