Lifstyl Real Estate Featured in RISMedia: Brokers Sell the Experience, So Agents Can Sell Real Estate

The key to running a successful real estate brokerage often comes down to having better agents than the competition. But it’s not enough to have the most experienced agents, or even the smartest ones. For a true competitive advantage, a brokerage needs a team of connected, aggressive and motivated agents to thrive as a complete organization.

Many brokers focus on their company culture in order to foster the perfect blend of synergy. Others focus purely on providing hard resources—either in commission splits or support, like marketing, training and technology.

Lifstyl Real Estate President Joshua Lybolt was featured in RISMedia Magazine about what his company does that serves real estate agents in a unique way.
“He puts his agents on a personal development journey called ‘The Ideal Lifstyl’ because, he says, ‘mindset is key toward keeping agents in the business. We hold fun social events, like brewing our own company beer where our agents get to be part of the actual brewing process.'”
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