Joshua Lybolt Contributes in Inman News: Why Focus is Crucial to Getting Things Done

The daily roadmap of a real estate agent can go down many twists and turns. One minute you might be calling expired listings, the next turn you are printing marketing materials, and just ahead, you are reviewing documents to prepare for a closing. There are many different tasks to tackle, and though some might seem routine, it is important to give your undivided focus to everything that you do.

Our President Joshua Lybolt shares with Inman News why you should say no to multitasking. While it is often we hear someone brag about, multitasking or context switching does not work in the long run.

In the article, Joshua explains how multitasking may allow you to cross five tasks off your check-list, but in the process you will not be able ton concentrate on each task you are doing. Research show your brain can only focus on one things at one time. Joshua shares five ways how focusing can help your real estate business. To read the full article, click here.




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