Joshua Lybolt Contributes to Inman News: How to Navigate the Peaks and Valleys of Real Estate

Running a real estate business can be full of ups and downs. Agents can sometimes face two opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of wins and loses.

One day you score a listing in a neighborhood you have been working hard to get. The next, you lose a client for reasons outside of your control. On day three, you get a full-price offer for your client. By the evening, you learn the deal is off.

As entrepreneurs and sales people, there are cycles and seasons. We all encounter challenges and hurdles to overcome.  Try to let the joy of your wins take over the hurt of your loses.

Our President and CEO Joshua Lybolt shares with Inman News  three ways to manage your upsets and wins in your real estate career. I challenge you to never give up, don’t underestimate the underdog, and have faith in yourself. To read the full article, click here.


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