Becoming Limitless

When any of us got into real estate, we had huge dreams of what we would achieve! We dreamed of being in driver’s seat of our own business. We imagined having unlimited earning potential, while helping our loved ones find a special place to call home. For real estate agent Kelley Wontorski, those dreams were no different. She has built a sales business and has been using her commissions to pay off debt. She has been able to take care of her family. And over the last year, she more than doubled her business. She has created the freedom to travel with her husband and is building the lifestyle she has always dreamed of.

For 2019, she’s going to run her business without limits! She’s subscribed to Lifstyl Real Estate’s Limitless program, allowing her to pay no commissions until 2020 – no franchise fees, or additional hidden monthly costs. She will have the freedom to do what she wants with her commission check and choose how she wishes to invest in her business. For the Limitless plan, she pays $795 a month, which caps at $9,540 for the year and will owe nothing else. 

“As soon as I ran the numbers, it was a no-brainier to join the Limitless plan,” said Kelley.  “In the real estate world, I always thought I would be stuck playing a commission split. It is really pure freedom to know you get to keep your entire check. All your hard work comes back to you. This keeps me going and pushes me to want to grow by business even more.”

Last year, she racked up a total of 20 transactions, and she hopes to double that number again this year. Kelley is ready to impact her life and enjoy ALL of the commissions from her projected 40 sales for this year. We are pleased to congratulate you Kelley! Here’s to 2019, a year without limits!

If you want be Limitless and no longer want to pay commissions, contact us at Success@Lifstyl.com to learn more.  Check out all our Lifstyl Real Estate business plans here

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